If you are a student at Wageningen University with prior archery experience, or if you have finished a beginners course, you are very welcome to become a member of the WAC. Membership fees consist of €15 per half year. We prefer if you bring your own material (bow, arrows, arm guard, finger protection), but it is possible to rent equipment at a rate of €15 per half a year. You can get your own equipment at the Dutch Bow Store, an archery shop in Wageningen. Additionally, you need sports rights at De Bongerd to become a member. For more information regarding sports rights, see De Bongerd's website.

With membership, you are allowed to use our indoor- and outdoor shooting ranges, and our cantina (with free cookies and tea!). Besides regular free trainings on Monday and Wednesday evenings (19:30-22:00) and regular structured trainings on Wednesdays, we offer various competitions and social activities. These range from internal competitions, attending outdoor competition such as the 3D Winteranimal Texel, special events at Sinterklaas and Christmas, and many more.

Interested? Feel free to send us an e-mail to wac@wur.nl to make an appointment to stop by! Please do not stop by our trainings without making an appointment. If you do not have prior archery experience, we refer you to our beginner's course.