Wageningen Archery Club

Dare to shoot

The Wageningen Archery Club is Wageningen's very own student archery association - for students, by students. We train together every Monday and Wednesday evening from 19.30 to 22.00. The trainings are open-ended in nature: Archers can come and go when they please, except when they wish to participate in internal competitions.

Our trainings are members-only, but if you are an experienced archer you can send us an e-mail to make an appointment for a skill assessment.

For students without prior experience with archery we offer beginner's courses. This is a set of lessons where our trainers teach you the basics of archery. There is special attention for getting you up to speed with our safety rules so that everyone can participate in individual trainings safely.

After participating in a beginner's course you can become a member of our club and participate in our trainings.

Are you interested in following a beginner's course? See the page Beginner's Course for more information. Or, if you are an experienced archer interested in making an appointment for a skill assessment, or simply have further questions and wish to know more? Please don't hesitate to contact us! Not a student? Please contact the non-student association ACE- XClusive instead.

Due to our general safety rules, we ask you not to turn up at our trainings unannounced.