External events

3D parcours/competitions

Several times a year shooters of our association join a 3D parcour/competition, such as in Arnhem or the 3D Winteranimal on Texel. During this competition archers shoot at 3D targets in the form of animals. These 3D targets are placed at different distances in a field or forest. Points are scored when you shoot a hit or a kill, these are the two circles visible on the animal. The middle circle is the kill.









Run-Archery is a discipline in which archers have to, as the name implies, both run and shoot. Archers start with a round of 800 metres running, then they shoot three arrows. Each miss results in a penalty of 110 metres (up to a possible total of 330 metres per round). Then the archers have to run the same round again, until they have run four times a round of 800 metres and shot three rounds of three arrows. The second round has to be shot kneeled, the other ones while standing. There are at the moment three Run-Archery matches a year in the Netherlands. Last year also archerers of our association participated.










Mounted-Archery is a discipline where one has to shoot from a horse at targets on a distance of 5 meters. You ride circles with the horse around the targets. Two clubs in the Netherlands give workshops or lessons in mounted-archery and some of our members participated.










Shooting for Charity

In 2013 and 2014, archers of the WAC joined a match for a charity; shooting for Duchenne in Ede. It was organized by the charity orgainzation Duchenne, to eradicate the equal-named muscle distrophy. The match consists of one barebow division and one recurve division; they are shooting separately. The match took place in the center of Ede, a unique location for an archery competition.

historyduchenne (640x403)