Internal events

Intern competitions

From time to time competitions will also be organized on training evenings. You can try to beat your own personal score, but there is also a rank system in which you can earn colored vanes corresponding to certain scores. Everyone who likes can participate, but just train is also possible during these competitions.









2D competition

The 2D competition is a match in which the archers shoot on 2D targets and on ‘standard’ targets at varying distances. The 2D targets are usually pictures of animals, which contain 2 rings. One can shoot a ‘hit’ by hitting the area inside the outer ring, and a ‘kill’ by hitting the area inside the inner ring. 2D matches are quite common throughout archery clubs in the Netherlands. But, on top of everything, it is a lot of fun.

history2D2014 (640x415)

Other events

Throughout the year there are also themed events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Carnival and Easter or other activities, such as a BBQ, movie night and sharing drinks.