Safety rules

Safety rules during archery

- The archer is only allowed to draw his/her bow (with or without arrow) in the direction of the target, if the archer is standing at the shooting line, and if the archery lane is free (behind and in front of the targets).

- If the shooting has started, only the archers that are currently shooting are allowed to be present at the shooting line.

- All other archers and their material need to be located two meters behind the shooting line, when they are not shooting.

- Don’t walk randomly on the shooting range. (Archers can be startled which may cause accidents.)

- Don’t run on the shooting range. If you fall, you can obtain heavy physical injuries, for example by falling into one or multiple arrows.

- No archer is allowed to touch other people’s material, unless permission is granted.

- Neither arrows, nor the target may be touched before the scores of the arrows have been noted down, if a match is in progress. —-Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks is prohibited before and during training.

- Archers aren’t allowed to set up their bow in a high position, or practice some kind of dangerous technique. A trainer is allowed to assess this and determine if a technique is considered to be dangerous.

- Archers are being advised to wear closed shoes during the shooting. If somebody wants to do otherwise, it is at own risk.

- Arrows are only allowed to be taken out of the target straight backward, while taking the safety rules into account. Furthermore, nobody should be standing behind the arrows when one is pulling arrows out of the target. (Instructions: place one hand on the target and pull the arrow straight backward with the other hand. Be aware that the arrow shaft doesn’t bend.) If the arrow is under grass, don’t pull it upward, as it might break or bend.

- The scorecards have to be placed at least two meters from the target. (This to take into account the safety of picking up the scorecards; mainly applicable during a match.)

- For off tensioning a bow, one should use a tensioning cord, as this is the safest way, tensioning with feet can result in severe physical injuries.

- Before the shooting starts, check that the targets are standing stably and are not able to fall forward.

- On the shooting range, it is only allowed to use arrows as indicated in the ‘schiettechnisch regelement’ (shoot technical regulations). – The arrows aren’t allowed to deal unnecessary damage to targets. (So don’t use other objects like dart arrows, spears, knives, pens, crossbows etc.) Doing so can result in a ban to enter the shooting range.

- During normal shooting times, people are only allowed to shoot at their own lane, as described in the ‘schiettechnisch regelement’ (shoot technical regulations) [outdoor art. 7.4, indoor art. 8.4). So don’t shoot diagonally, blindly (with eyes closed) or multiple arrows at once, unless the trainer decides otherwise. An example is shooting on balloons at the end of the training etc.