Establishment of the WAC 2012-2014

548655_3447060793757_44030498_nIn April 2012, Marleen Domburg reached out the student community to see if there was interest to start an archery club for students. At this point, the nearest archery association ACE-Xclusive was in Ede. A lot of students responded and it was decided to found a new student sport association. The first difficulty was finding a suitable location, as the Sport Centre de Bongerd did not have enough space to house new sport associations. In spite of this, the first training of the WAC took place on 25 September 2012 with 4 participants in the Barn of Building 114 of the Wageningen University. On 10 October 2012 the request to become an official association was handed in to the notary, making 10 October 12 the founding date.

In the following weeks, the starting members tried to organize more material, in order to give beginners lessons and rent out material. We owe thanks to “De streekschutters” for targets and arrows, to the “Waterlandschutters” for bows, and to the “Archery Service Center” for other material.

The first beginners’ course started on 8 January 2012. Shortly after this, on 16 February 2013 the first board of the WAC prepared and signed the statutes at the “Notariskantoor Verheesen” in Roermond. The (co-)founders and also the first board consisted of chairmen Marleen Domburg, secretary Ivo Dols, and treasurer Rowena de Hoop. Around this time, the club logo was finalized, thanks to Jolein Smit. The club was also registered at the KvK.

On 11 March 2013 the WAC became an official member of the university sports association Thymos. Shortly after, on 28 May 2013 the first internal competition, the 2D-competition took place. The first public appearance of the WAC was on 15 June 2013, when we participated in the Historical Parade of Wageningen 750 as archers from the middle ages, followed by the participation of multiple members in the NK Run-Archery competition hosted by HKS Zoetermeer. On 28 September 2013 the members of the WAC celebrated the one year anniversary of the club by hosting a birthday shooting, which involved dressing up in costumes and shooting at balloons.

history750 (640x480)On 2 December 2013 the WAC finally moved to a more suitable location in the basement of the Olympiahall in the center of Wageningen, with a celebratory shooting of the first arrow simultaneously through all the 16 members present. On the 26 February 2014 the Olympus Shooting was held, our version of the traditional history750 (640×480)“King’s Shooting”. Here the winners are crowned as traditional Greek, Pagan, or Roman gods for a year. To celebrate carnival on 3 March 2014 all members came in costume, and after shooting theme appropriate targets carnival was celebrated with food and drinks.

The first outdoor training took place on 28 April 2014 on the D-field of the Bongerd, and whenever the weather allowed training took place outside over the next few months.

On 29 May 2014, 7 members of the WAC participated in the charity competition “Schieten for Duchenne”. The match was held at a unique location, in the center of Ede.

The second annual 2D competition took place on 23 June, and the undisputed victors were Jolein Smit for recurve and Sebastian Kieper for barebow.

Next to the competitions, the WAC also hosted events unrelated to archery for the members over 2013/2014 like a Secret Santa, a movie night, and a barbecue.

Continued existence, Lustrum I & Move – 2015-2019

The WAC has thankfully still been successful, and saw the grace of its first five-year anniversary (Lustrum) in 2017-2018. This was celebrated with parties and activities, making the  year a smashing success.

In November 2018 some WAC members participated in the first NSK Archery (Dutch Student Championship) – with one of our members taking 1st place in the Barebow category.

On April 1st, 2019, the WAC officially moved from the dark cellar of the Olympiahal to the wonderful new location at the Hollandseweg, together with the non-student association ACE Xclusive.