Shooting Technique in 10 steps

The steps described below are from the first book of instructions for trainers A from the Dutch Archery Association that appeared about 50 years ago.

The following steps show the basics of shooting an arrow. It is intended as a general representation of how an average shot will look like. Although the whole is shown here as a series of separate steps, it is not the intention that one performs the steps one by one. The whole needs to be carried out as one smooth motion. The following steps are based on recurve archers and will therefore differ slightly from the technique of compound and barebow archers.

Step 1: The stance

Put your toes against an imaginary line to the center of the target(denkbeeldige lijn) Put your feet on either side of the shooting line(schietlijn). Put your feet about shoulder width(schouderbreedte) apart. Stay relaxed.


Step 2: The finger placement

The tendon is held with the index finger above the nock and middle and ring fingers underneath. (vingerpositie) Hook the string between the first and second joint of the fingers. (haak in) Try to avoid the string sliding from your fingers.


Step 3: Setting the bow hand

The pressure of the bow hand must be collected with the heel of the hand on the bow along the pressure line. (druklijn) Relax your fingers. The top of the hand must be at an angle of approximately 45 degrees with the bow. The (peaks) thumb and index finger are allowed to touch each other.


Step 4: The stretching of the bow arm

Bring the bow arm to shoulder height. (schouderhoogte) The elbow of the bow arm should be turned away from the string. (turned away well= goed weggedraaid, wrong position = fout)


Step 5: Pulling out the bow

Pull the string close to the bow arm in a straight horizontal line(horizontale lijn) to the anchor point. The pulling is done by using your back muscles, moving the shoulder blades (schouderbladen) together. Stay relaxed and upright. Keep both shoulders as low as possible.


Step 6: Anchoring

The string should touch the center of the nose and chin (midden neus en kin) lightly. The index finger of the drawing hand must be placed under the chin. Keep the teeth together while anchoring.


Step 7: Holding

Keep the back muscles (rugspieren) under tension. Bow hand, draw hand and elbow should form a straight line. (een rechte lijn) Keep both shoulders as low as possible.


Step 8: Targeting

Aim with your dominant eye. Keep both eyes open. (Or for example if you already shoot right with a left dominant eye, close this left eye during the shot. And aim with the right eye.) Keep the sight on target. (vizier op richtpunt) Align the tendon somewhat right out of the viseor.


Step 9: Unloading

Pull the scapula towards each other, while the fingers of the draw hand relax. (vingers trekhand ontspannen) A relaxed draw hand goes backward on its own. Relax the bow hand. Let the bow fall out of your hands if you have a sling.


Step 10: End focusing

The drawing hand must relax and be positioned at or behind the neck. Keep aiming (blijf richten) until the arrow has hit the target.